Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to my Second Blog!!!

I have been actively blogging for a few months now so, I decided to widen my blogging world by creating a second blog.

I am so excited with this new blog since it will be quite a bit different from that of my first blog, which is more of an online diary. With this one, I'll be revealing more about my other passion and interest, the lifestyles and fashions of celebrities -local & international.

I'm fascinated by how the celebrities live their lives on the limelight. This is one reason why I love to read and collect sensational magazines that feature the hottest and newest celebrity news and bits. And I'm just glad that I could bring my passion into a wider scope. At least now, I can share my passion to the blogosphere where I know a lot would be able to appreciate and relate more on my interest.

So, expect a lot of your favorite celebrities to be featured on this blog in the coming days which for sure will extend to their make-up and clothes, the latest fashion, beauty tips, health advice, celebrity gossip and a lot, lot, more.

Welcome to my second blog. Welcome to the celebrity world of the Lady in the Blue Scarf. ^_^

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